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Trademark Services

A federal trademark is granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to protect an owner's legal rights in a brand name, logo, or slogan. A trademark lasts for five years and continues to as long as it is maintained. 

Initial Trademark Registration | $2000

  • 30-Minute Strategy Session 

  • Knockout Search

  • Opinion Letter Assessing Risk of Registration

  • USPTO Application Fee For One Class

  • Covers All Office Actions

  • Quarterly Follow Ups

  • Framed Trademark Certificate

Note: a brand name and logo require separate applications. Applications for additional classes will incur additional fees. 


Trademark Maintenance | Starting at $500

  • Statement of Use for Intent to Use Applications 

  • Statement of Excusable Nonuse

  • Statement of Incontestability

  • Renewals 

Rates are inclusive of USPTO filing fees. Trademark maintenance requires our firm to become your attorney of record. 


Office Actions | $750

  • An office action is a non-final action issued by the USPTO that requires you to defend use of the mark sought to be registered. You have three months to respond. An office action should be responded to immediately. Failure to respond will result in denial of your trademark appplication. 

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